European Parliament promotes the cycling ecosystem

The European Parliament approved last week a historic resolution to promote the cycling ecosystem in Europe that is committed to strengthening cycling infrastructure, the production and manufacturing of this industry, and employment in the sector.

The resolution recognizes the cycling industry as a key asset to achieve long-term sustainability goals and the fight against climate change through a strategy in which mobility and micromobility experts like Inurba Mobility shall be fundamental actors.

The objective is to increase the use of the bicycle in Europe with the development of a strategy that doubles the kilometers of bicycle lanes in Europe by the end of the decade, together with the necessary impetus at the political level with measures such as aid for the purchase of bicycles or greater investment in infrastructure.

The European Parliament highlighted the potential of electric bicycles and the goal of creating two million jobs in areas linked to cycling such as manufacturing, tourism, retail, health or sport, tripling the current employment volume.

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