We talk about the service in the Tri-City of Poland

In spring 2023 we will start serving the Tri-City, the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot metropolitan areas in Poland. A personalized service to the needs of this urban area that will incorporate an innovative app and the use of the bikes with new features.

The Polish newspaper @Wyborcza has conducted an interview with our CEO, Jordi Cabañas, in which they review the characteristics of the bicycle service that Inurba will provide in the Tri-City, called Mevo, its operation and the expectations regarding the number of users.

In the interview, Cabañas highlights how different metropolitan areas require different solutions, and how the Inurba system is prepared to adapt to each of them.

It also underlines that, despite the fact that the agreed deadlines are more flexible, the goal is for all the bicycles to be available by next summer.

Here you can read the full interview: https://trojmiasto.wyborcza.pl/trojmiasto/7,35612,28733365,jakie-bedzie-mevo-2-0-nie-zastapi-komunikacji-miejskiej-czy.html

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