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The Inurba Method

The way we operate makes us a strategic partner for local council authorities, understanding all their needs and developing made-to-measure solutions.

The Experience and Flexibility that accompany you every step of the way

Each city or metropolitan area is unique and therefore needs a specific mobility solution to suit its characteristics and citizens. We can accompany you every step of the way; from designing the service and defining the technology to launching and even operating the service to guarantee service success.
We provide our full Expertise to accompany our clients every step of the way towards launching a public micro mobility service. Thanks to the fact that operating public transport systems forms part of our DNA, we become your best ally to guarantee a quality service that every citizen can use and offer coverage and intermodality with all other modes of public transport.
Thanks to our agreements with the leading and most innovative technology suppliers, we can choose the technology that best suits the needs of each city. We design made-to-measure solutions, we respond to the specific needs and characteristics of our clients.
We have far-reaching global agreements with various companies that can help finance these projects through alternative revenue streams. This means that service launch requires a smaller contribution from public funds and guarantees sustainability.
We are a benchmark in the international public micro mobility market because we operate our services to a high standard of quality and become genuine partners for our clients/cities. Honesty is the guiding force in how we operate and interact with authorities, which enables us to prioritise the service and solve the problems raised by our clients in this regard.

Why Inurba?

The Peace of Mind from knowing you’re in great hands

The Experience and Knowledge of the Inurba team guide you every step of the way.

The comprehensive urban mobility Partner

We will take every step together, from conception and design to launch and management of the service.

The Freedom to choose what suits you best

We have signed partnership agreements with leading technology suppliers, enabling us to always offer solutions that perfectly suit the needs of each city and its citizens.

The value of Experience

Implementing public micro mobility solutions in cities around the world for 20 years means we can adapt ourselves to all sorts of projects and circumstances.

Public micro mobility service

Fully committed to a sustainable and structured public transport model, we offer an urban mobility alternative that is environmentally friendly and enables city traffic congestion to be reduced, helping to build peaceful surroundings and offering an efficient mobility solution. This is a way to help urban communities become “15-minute cities”, a concept aimed at offering citizens the ability to meet their essential needs on bicycle or foot. In other words, this concept seeks to offer quality urban mobility solutions accessible to all that are fast, environmentally friendly, healthy, non-massive and capable of genuinely complementing large-scale public transport.

A public bicycle service avoids:


tons of C02 per year
* 1,000 public bicycles


tons of N0x per year
* 1,000 public bicycles


liters of fuel per year
* 10,000 public bicycles

What do you need?

Tell us your ideas and we will help you realise your project. We offer advice every step of the way, from implementation through to integrated management.