Quality & Environmental Policy

Inurba Mobility (CityBike Global), located in Barcelona, provides an efficient way to implement urban mobility solutions at international level. With every new city, we implement services that meet the needs of both the city and their citizens.

The scope of Inurba Mobility Integrated Management System (IMS) includes the following urban mobility services:

  • Present proposals to public entities and participate in tenders to obtain new operation contracts.
  • Operate public bike share systems with different types of bikes, stations, and Information Technologies (IT) as our customers require.

Inurba Mobility is committed to securing a long-term partnership with its customers, fulfilling the city’s needs, providing them with the highest possible quality mobility service, and forestalling their future needs. Therefore, we continually improve processes and services, consistently meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction, bringing quality and experience to every new service we implement.

Implementing the quality and environmental policy is the responsibility of all staff members, with the overall responsibility of the leadership team. It is compulsory that all members of the organization recognize and accept our philosophy of quality service delivery, taking accountability for their output and contribution to the service operation, and its environmental impacts.

To make it happen, Inurba Mobility establishes the following lines of action:

  1. Leverage-in our know-how and our robust experience to continue delivering a high-quality service to our customers.
  2. To enforce a commitment to satisfy applicable legal requirements.
  3. To implement and maintain, with adequate resources, the IMS operative in such a way as to guarantee its effectiveness. The IMS is based on the principles of ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015.
  4. To provide staff training, raise awareness and promote a Quality and Environmental respectful Culture in all team members, resulting in a proactive employee with quality mindset and environmental awareness.
  5. To monitor and review our service provision and internal processes, generating a virtuous cycle for continuous improvement.
  6. Prevent and reduce the environmental impacts of our business and to continuously improve our environmental performance reducing pollution and contamination.

Management commits to provide the means required to ensure that there is no inconvenience to comply with what has been established in the Integrated Management System, as well as to make this policy understood and applied at all levels of the organization, suppliers, and third parties that are related to our commitment, complying with the previously established principles.

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