Today is a great day for Inurba Mobility and Tricity, the metropolis that encompasses 16 municipalities area of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot in Poland!

Starting today, March 1, residents of this extensive area can use the entire fleet of bicycles: 3,200 electric and 1000 traditional.

During the winter, the 125,000 users traveled 350,000 kilometers

In a press conference last Wednesday, the representatives of the Metropolis GGS indicated that they were satisfied with Inurba Mobility, the operator of the Mevo service, thanks to the efficiency of the technical service and also with the Customer Service.

 According to them, the irruption of the public bicycle service is changing the habits of the residents on public transport who, instead of using the car, opt for the use of bicycles, which reduces CO2 emissions throughout the area.

Congratulations to the entire Inurba Mobility and Mevo Team!

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