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The second largest self-service e-bike network in France


The all-new Levélo metropolitan service was launched in December 2022 by INURBA, replacing the traditional non-electric bike service operated by JC Decaux. The fleet is now comprised of 2000 e-bikes and 200 charging stations, making Marseille home to the second largest self-service e-bike network in France after Paris.

The challenge

The first challenge migrating the old JCD system with the new one was overcome. The transition was completed in just one night and users were able to continue their subscriptions with just a few clicks via the mobile app and use the new bike service.

The second challenge is operational: maintaining good bike availability at stations for users when the demand for bikes by users is quite high.

The Inurba solution

We chose the solution offered by FIFTEEN, a technological reference in self-service e-bikes. FIFTEEN internally designed smart, high-performing and long-lasting e-bikes as well as the most compact and lightest station model in the world. In a city like Marseille, where the available public space is limited, compact stations are a wonderfully adapted solution. 

The Impact

In just a few months, the use of self-service bikes has tripled the figures seen with the previous service. Each bike is used 6 to 7 times a day. The people of Marseille are quite enthusiastic about using these e-bikes that are adapted to the city’s hilly relief. The INURBA teams have quickly implemented an operational routine to meet the immense demand. Along with the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, we’re making great efforts to constantly adjust the project strategies in a view to making the highest impact possible in terms of bike travel.

Datos a destacar

(*) Basado en un estudio que comparaba datos de sistemas en 50 ciudades, Helsinki registró el mayor número de viajes en bicicleta por día.


viajes por bicicleta y día (media)


viajes por bicicleta y día (verano)


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