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Complete overhaul of an existing service in record time


The metropolitan transport authority in Clermont-Ferrand asked us to completely replace the bike sharing service with innovative technology capable of guaranteeing quality of service. We renewed 52 docking stations in the record time of only two weeks, and without affecting service operation.

The challenge

The main challenge in Clermont Ferrand was the need to overhaul an existing service within the space of only two weeks and without affecting users during that period of change. Furthermore, Inurba was forced to incorporate existing staff and maintain pre-existing technology throughout the change process until it could be replaced with the Inurba solution in order to achieve a service transition that affected the city and users as little as possible.

While taking on staff from the previous operator and raising service standards, not only was the bike sharing service launched but also a long-term (up to several months) bicycle rental service including equipment and maintenance, and the C.Vélo Box – private bicycle docks at the train station with automated access. The service was also integrated into the wider public transport network.

The Inurba solution

A technology solution based on self-supporting docking stations was used in Clermont Ferrand so that installation could take place within the short time-frame provided. Inurba’s experience and knowledge was applied to this complex process of change; one that required precise planning and coordination of work to dismantle the old docking stations and install the new ones in order to maintain a balanced number of stations operational per district until completion of the process to replace all 52 existing stations (and add five new ones), all within a period of two weeks. Success of this operation was supported by experienced local suppliers. The service in Clermont Ferrand currently has 57 docking stations and 650 bicycles.

The impact

The main impact from this project was undoubtedly the lack of impact it had. The replacement took place so efficiently and quickly that service operation was hardly affected at all. Users enjoyed a highly satisfactory experience as they were able to register on the new platform in advance and, in just two weeks, had access to the completely new network of docking stations and bicycles with streamlined operation and management by Inurba. Record usage figures have been recorded since the new technology was implemented.

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