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Launch of the first bike sharing service in Peru


The challenge in the municipality of Miraflores (Lima) consisted of launching an innovative public transport system for the local authorities under a public-private partnership in an environment not especially conducive to cycle mobility.

The challenge

The challenge lay in being able to offer a service without incurring a cost for the municipality, assuming the risk involved in seeking external sources of financing that could guarantee the sustainability of a public service of this nature.

The Inurba solution

Due to Inurba’s agreements with its global partners, we were able to design a service with an economic model that eliminated the need for financial contributions from the municipality through revenue streams generated by those partners, thereby guaranteeing its sustainability over time.

Subsequently, after a far-reaching and thorough study, and working in perfect coordination with all the authorities involved (Municipalities, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the Investment Committee set up to assess the project), approval was issued for a service that perfectly met all the technical and economic requirements of the city.

Collaboration with the mobility department of the municipal authorities was encouraged from the get-go. The service was integrated into the city’s cycling mobility scheme, promoting it and enhancing it.

The impact

The Miraflores bike sharing service has become a popular service in the municipality since it was launched, boosting the drastic transformation in cycle mobility that the city has experienced. Close to 200,000 journeys were recorded in 2020, which contributed to the 100% increase in cycle mobility in the municipality, especially during the tough months of the pandemic.

Key figures


rides in 2020


dock stations with 1000 mechanical bicycles

0 %
increased use of bicycle in the city


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