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The most popular fleet in the world


Following the launch of this service with Inurba, leaders at Helsinki City Transport (HKL) commissioned a study of the 50 cities with the largest bike sharing services in the world. The study concluded that the service in Helsinki is the most popular of them all, with a satisfaction index that is higher than all the other transport services in the city.

The challenge

Due to the climate in Helsinki, the city needed a custom-designed system that could be dismantled in winter and yet still capable of absorbing the high level of demand during the summer months, offering an experience capable of satisfying the high level of demand from the city’s inhabitants.

The Inurba solution

We developed a technological solution based on self-supporting docking stations, which gave us the necessary flexibility to adapt to local climate conditions and also offer the option to return a bike to a station even when it was full.

We began 2016 with 50 docking stations and 500 bicycles, and demand has multiplied every year. We now have 345 docking stations and 3,450 bicycles.

The Impact

Public satisfaction with the bike sharing system and mobility managers in the city has grown year after year. User experience studies have always produced NPS figures (Net Promoter Score) above 48, and it is also the most highly rated public transport service in the city.

In order to assess service acceptance levels among the local population, the Helsinki City Transport (HKL) authorities commissioned a study of the 50 most important cities with a bike sharing system. The study concluded that the service in Helsinki is the most popular service of all those included in the study.

Datos a destacar

(*) Basado en un estudio que comparaba datos de sistemas en 50 ciudades, Helsinki registró el mayor número de viajes en bicicleta por día.


viajes por bicicleta y día (media)


viajes por bicicleta y día (verano)


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