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The first Spanish city Inurba


The challenge

For the renewal and relaunch of the service in Gijón, Inurba Mobility has once again opted for Fifteen’s technology.

This pairing of the leaders in the public bicycle sector in Europe, Inurba Mobility and Fifteen, already has a long history of success in many cities around the world such as Helsinki or Lima, among others.

The Inurba solution

A new bike model designed to make the experience easier. The bicycle that both companies have deployed in Gijón is 100% electric and intelligent, instead of having gears it has a power torque sensor that automatically regulates the pedaling assistance according to the user’s needs, offering greater comfort in travel and facilitating its use to profiles of citizens who are not regular bicycle users.

The Impact

The service has been expanded to drive modal shift. The 250 bicycles that make up the service in Gijón are available at the 47 stations installed throughout the city, of which the majority, a total of 27, will have a bicycle battery recharging system. In this way, in any area of the city, users will have a station nearby to use of this service.

Datos a destacar

(*) Basado en un estudio que comparaba datos de sistemas en 50 ciudades, Helsinki registró el mayor número de viajes en bicicleta por día.


viajes por bicicleta y día (media)


viajes por bicicleta y día (verano)


abonos anuales antes de la


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